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Where healthy meets satisfying.

Removing all labels of “this is bad, this is good'' mentality and instead, get back to real, whole foods and cooked from scratch. Healthy food can be completely satisfying.

I teach people to love what they are eating and cooking while still achieving goals and intuitively following what's best for their individual bodies and lifestyles.
Ashley, founder of Real Roots Kitchen tying up her apron

I want you to fall in love with food.

A wooden bowl sits on a kitchen counter
Myabi knife on a marble countertop


Join The Cooking Crew and receive a risk-free, 7 day trial to get this week’s recipes and grocery list. Log-in to explore the portal to become familiar and get a feel for how it all works. Tie up your apron, let’s get cooking!


Private Events

Dinner parties and small events with custom menus catered to your exact needs

Green leafy herbs being chopped on a cutting board

Cooking Crew

Concise meal plans & grocery lists to take the guesswork out of preparing delicious, healthy meals each week.

Personal Chef

In home meal planning and prepping catered to you and your families exact needs

Toasted granola being poured onto a cookie sheet

How To Work With Me

two bowls of roasted tomato soup

I started Real Roots because of the passion I have for cooking, especially for others. Nothing lights me up more than seeing someone enjoy my food. 


I believe eating healthy does not have to be boring and bland, it should be satisfying and something we look forward to, not dread. Cooking is one of the greatest expressions of love, for others and yourself too! We all have to eat, right? In my opinion, why not make each time an experience?

Ashley, founder of Real Roots Kitchen sitting on the counter in her kitchen




Chiffonade basil being sprinkled over tomato soup


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Ready to start cooking? I've been hard at work putting together a bunch of my all time favourite recipes. Tie up your apron, let’s get cooking!


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