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Meet Ashley

Lover of all things food. Bold, flavourful and bright. Mastermind behind Real Roots Cooking Crew. Passionate about helping others find their culinary creativity

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Hi! My name is Ashley.

I love to cook, I love to eat and I love to teach people the same! My passion for cooking started when I was young. Consistently eager to get in the kitchen after school and cook dinner.


In 2014 I went to school to study Holistic Nutrition. I really had no idea what I wanted to do after high school but I knew I really loved learning about health and wellness. I actually got accepted to culinary school as well, but chose to study nutrition instead. Part of me was ashamed that I loved to cook so much, it wasn't considered “cool” at my age or at that time. It was more of my little secret passion.


Studying Holistic Nutrition led me to realize the importance of what we feed our bodies and the effect it has on our overall health. I already knew I loved to cook and eat healthy but, learning so much made me cook in a whole new way. Eating with the seasons, choosing organic when possible and finding substitutes for conventional ingredients were some of the ways I evolved and then created my own personal culinary style.

I later began my career as a Personal Chef and made my way back to what I truly loved to do, cooking. I started working with families that want to make their health a priority but maybe just don’t have the time to do so.


Along with making my job my passion, I have spent time working on my own personal cooking development and Social media. I love inspiring others to get in the kitchen! 


Over the past 7 years I’ve had the opportunity to travel and live in several states in the US and over to Sweden and Germany as well. With my travels I have tasted many cuisines, and even had the opportunity to work in some restaurants with amazing Chef’s.

My most recent accomplishment is winning Season 1 of Food Network’s Wall Of Chef’s.


I currently live in Hamilton, Ontario but also split half my time in Dusseldorf, Germany.



Get To Know Me

I Won't Leave The House Without...

I carry pink salt in my purse. My #1 fear is eating a delicious meal that is under seasoned and basically being stranded without salt.


That little bit of seasoning takes a dish to the next level. Trust me.

My Go-To Coffee Order is..

I am actually not a big coffee drinker, my go to is a matcha latte made with oat or almond milk. Extra extra hot please! Same goes for coffee if I do have one (usually decaf unless in Europe, they don’t know what decaf is haha)

My Favourite Foods Are...

Salt, lemons, almond butter, dried figs, matcha, honey, quality olive oil, really good sourdough bread, hummus, tahini, pizza, chocolate with flaky salt

My Favourite European Cities Are...

Stockholm and Barcelona. My least favourite is Paris!

I Absolutely



I Spend Half The Year Abroad Because...

My fiance plays professional hockey. His career has taken us all over the world and I have had the opportunity to live and travel to many different cities in the US and Europe.


 but, can we start cooking already?!

Check out our Cooking Crew!

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