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The Crispiest Pan Fried Fish & Herby Tartar Sauce

Almost every Friday is Fish Friday in my house. Whether it's salmon, a fish curry, fish tacos, or this extra crispy pan fried fish, it's pretty much a tradition and a nice light meal to start the weekend. The secret to this extra crispy pan fried fish is gluten free bread crumbs. Gluten free bread crumbs are almost always made with rice flour, which has a super crispy and crunchy like texture, try your best to find these. Even if you aren't a fan of tartar sauce, please just give this one a try. I was always skeptical too because I am not a fan of mayo but avocado oil mayo and yogurt + lots of acid, fresh herbs, and a touch of honey really lightens this up and compliments the fish so well. Serve with a big salad or some potatoes, or both!

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