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Rainbow Kale & Cabbage Slaw w/ Tahini Dressing

I've never been a fan of coleslaw because I am really not fond of mayo! Most of the time ill do oil and vinegar on a cabbage-based "slaw type salad" but, to be honest, heartier veggies really benefit from creamy dressings. As the salad sits the fibers break down and begin to soften, making it easier to eat (no one likes chewing on tough, barely dressed cabbage and kale) This creamy tahini dijon dressing is so addicting. It has acid, sweetness, tang, and creaminess. If you or someone in your family isn't a fan of kale and cabbage, I am sure this will change your mind! PS, investing in a mandoline will change your coleslaw game forever. I highly recommend using one. Thinly sliced cabbage soaks up all the goodness and tastes much better than thick chunks.

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